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Social media offers everyone the opportunity to be a video star, and for popular personalities, can be quite lucrative. One six-year-old generated $11 million in revenue in 2017, with his parents “filming” him unboxing and reviewing toys.

Let’s look at how another family could create unboxing videos using VidiMo.

VidiMo makes it easy to create such videos, allowing producers to set up the show in advance – including scene layouts, pre-recorded media, overlay graphics and background graphics – then switch them live during the show. For example, the young star’s dad could add an intro video and a clip provided by the manufacturer of the toy being reviewed, then play them both during the show before the toy is unboxed. He could also add lower-third graphics containing information about the product and manufacturer’s website, as well as titles to introduce on-screen guests such as friends or siblings.

In the above-mentioned six-year-old’s videos, we never see the dad because he’s behind the camera. With VidiMo, it would be easy for his dad to switch to the cell phone’s rear-facing camera to ask a question, and then switch back to the HDMI camera source for the viewers to see the young star’s response. He could also switch to a scene where both cameras are part of the layout, so the viewer could see both the father and son at the same time.

VidiMo also allows for titles and overlay graphics be switched independently of the current scene. This allows elements such as the toy manufacturer’s logo to be shown sometimes, but hidden when it would be distracting.